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Blue's Little Roan Lady is a 14:3 hand, 9 year old, red roan mare, with a star and a white off hind fetlock.  She is dainty and fine featured.  Rosie has an extra large mellow eye, that makes her beautiful to look at and gives you the feeling of attachment.  

She has a gait that is something you can’t help but enjoy riding, and passes this on the her foals.  “Rosie” has been used with cattle, riding in mountains, and just enjoying her gait in the arena.  She is one of our special breeding mares, and has given us two very nice fillies, since we purchased her three years ago.  

"Rosie" is particularly well-gaited, and gives us top-notch foals, that are gaited when they arrive.  They are well- mannered, and have great dispositions.  They are easy to train, and make very nice pleasure riding horses, with lots of get up and go.  Rosie had not been bred until she was 7 and we feel someone missed out on getting some remarkable foals.    She has given us Chief’s Sundae Lady, a red roan filly  with flaxen mane and tail, and Sadie’s Chief Lady, a blue roan filly with black mane and tail. 

“Rosie” is a superb brood mare, and we expect many more fine colts from her.  For the 2000 year foal, Rosie was bred to Merry’s High Time, which will give us one of the best bloodlines, and foals with the great dispositions that we have had from Rosie to date.  We are anxious to get the new baby on the ground and start working with it.  

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