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Dandy's Merry Socks is a 6 year old, 14:3 hand, bay gelding, with four white socks, a star and a snip. Dandy is not a tall horse, but just perfect for a comfortable riding horse, and a perfect ladies horse.  You would be so proud to be seen on this horse, as he is just nice and an eye catcher.

He is a superb riding horse, and beautiful to look at.  This gelding is TWHBEA registered.  He has a very  fast walk.  "Dandy" has not been settled in all three gaits yet, but will do so with more riding.  Dandy neck reins very well, and has been used with cattle, and on our pleasure mountain rides.    He is smooth and very trustworthy .  He does not spook at trail objects and is very calm while being ridden or worked. He is a buddy, as well as being your favorite mount.

He is an all-round good mount, nice around cattle, and has spent time in the mountains and on trails.  Dandy  is a safe horse to be around, but does require riding experience, and some horse know-how.  He loads in the trailer as if he enjoys the soon-to-be trip, and  will try to please you.  He has never been hunted off, or worked hard, or shown in parades, or any special show place, but he would love that as he enjoys being worked with.    

We feel Dandy would be an outstanding kids' horse, or a horse for a lady, but if you are a man and like a smaller horse, he is just great for you too.  Donít pass up the chance to have this gelding in your barn, or pasture, and be able to brag about him, when people ask you who that beautiful horse belongs to.  Dandy is only up for sale as we have a lot of brood mares, and need to cut down on the geldings.


Please contact C.J.'s Walkers for more information.

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