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High Time For Gen is a lit up spotted saddle horse with a black mane and tail.  He has presence that is outstanding.  Gen just attracts attention wherever he is - - in a pasture, on a ride, or in the corral, and he lets everyone know he is a special horse.    

He was trained in Tennessee and placed in Spotted Saddle Horse shows in Shelbyville, Tennessee, when he was a year and a half old.  Gen was brought to live in Wyoming when he was a little more than 2 years.  He is young and loves to please.   At 3 yrs he stands 14.3 and growing.

Gen is great on trails, or as a pleasure horse, and has a charming disposition.  He is a "push-button horse"  for riding,  his gaits are breathtaking,  and he is a born show horse.  Gen is a real winner at the stallion reviews, and brings in the interest for many breedings.

With Ebony Masterpiece, Pride of Midnight, Midnight Sun, Mack K's Handshaker, Marshall Dillon, and Got Rox City Girl, he has impeccable foundation bloodlines on his pedigree.  Gen was bred 4 times in his first year of breeding in 1999, and we are anxiously awaiting his new batch of foals.   

STUD FEE - $400

Live Foal guaranteed, --  mare care is $3.00 per day or $75.00 per month.  If they have a foal at their side, the monthly fee is $90.00 or  $4.00 per day.  We ship semen throughout the United States.  All mares must have recent health checks, worming and up to date vaccinations.  Mares must not be shod on the hind feet during breeding.

Please contact C.J.'s Walkers for more information.

High Time For Gen's SSHBEA Pedigree

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