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Merry's High Time is a foundation bred stallion with Roan Allen F-1, Merry Boy, Snow Prince Allen, and Go Boy's Copy J. on his pedigree.  He has given us two white stallions.  One was sold to Rex Peterson, for training.  Rex Peterson is the trainer of  "Casseo", the Arabian star of  "The Black Stallion", the movie.   

He is a stallion that can put the type of horse you want to own and enjoy, in your pasture or corral.  A perfect foal every time, and he has given us blacks, whites, chocolate palomino and Sabino.  All so easy to train, and finish as first class horses.

 Merry's High time has consistently given us genetically gaited babies, and with dispositions that you don't find every day.  

He is gentle, and a gentleman.  He is a pleasure to breed mares with,  as he is a well-mannered stallion, and does a chivalrous  job of courting the girls.

Merry’s High Time is a good natured stallion who has freedom to roam in the pasture.  He loves people, and attention, and is always there when you drive up.   He is well behaved while showing and under saddle, and acts like a pro, even though he has only shown twice, and been in the stallion review once in nine years. 
“Dude” is what  he is called for everyday conversation, and if you could only see him and know how gentle and kind this stallion is, you would understand the name.  "Old-time" Walking Horse conformation,  "deep-South" manners, and "Technicolor"  Sabino Roan coloring. 

STUD FEE - $350 plus mare and foal care.
Please contact C.J.'s Walkers for more information.

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