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C J's Walkers is proud to offer the following stallions at stud.  Each of them was carefully chosen for his conformation, gait, disposition, and particular aspects of his pedigree.  They have proven themselves in their progeny, time and again.  We invite you to view their individual pages, and see for yourself how they might fit into your breeding program.

HIGH TIME FOR GEN    This horse is the one you want to breed to if you are looking for Spotted Saddle Horse, with dazzling show quality and breath-taking Tennessee Walking Horse gaits.  Great presence, and wonderful disposition, color and conformation.  

CJ'S ELDORADO GOLDDUST  Our palomino stallion who can  give  you the perfect horse for trail, ranch work, color and disposition.   He is out of the Tennessee Goldust stallion, with his sire being Goldust Royal Trigger.  Willing to learn, and easy to work with.

MERRY'S HIGH TIME  For really old bloodlines that many people search hard to find, Allen F-1  and Roan Allen F-38.  Years of searching were spent to find this remarkable stallion, with bloodlines and  a disposition that he passes on to his foals.

MERRY'S SOLID PLATINUM  We  have high hopes that this young breeding Stallion will throw  not only his unusual color, but also the great disposition he displays in his gentleness and desire to be handled.

Your visiting mares are offered mare care and boarding in good safe corrals, and a lot of attention is given to them, as well as the young foal they may have with them when they come in for the next breeding.  We have 3 veterinarians close by for Ultra sounding, prior to breeding and after breeding if the Owner wants this.  If there is any problem with the horse, we can to get it to the Vet or have one at our facility within a very short time. 

We are equipped to handle the foaling of  a visiting mare.  All mares must have recent health checks, worming and up to date vaccinations.  Mares must not be shod on the hind feet during breeding.  

Mare care with foal is $4.00 per day or $90.00 per month. 
Mare care for mare only is $3.00 per day, and $75.00 per month.  
Booking fee $100.00 prior to breeding season.
Live Foal guaranteed   
We ship semen throughout the United States. 

Please contact C.J.'s Walkers for more information.

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