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Hi... this page should download for you easier than the other one with all the java.    I will only put about 4 images per page but it still could take some time to load the graphics... your patience is appreciated.  Because I will be making these items for you specifically, you can choose your own color schemes, and to an certain extent, the designs, particularly in the Knotwork, Horses, and Wicca sections.  If you would like to discuss your order on ICQ, my number is 20850391. 

You probably won't be able to open the order form page either so I have included a plain text form here, that you can cut and paste into an email, and fill out there.  Please be sure to include your shipping address in the email. I will get right back to you with a confirmation of your order. I'm not set up for E-Commerce yet so I will have to ask you to pay for your order with a money order.  That is safer than sending a cheque and takes less time to process. Prices are listed in US dollars.  My snail mail address is:

Judy Cameron
#5 - 3238 Sherman Road
Duncan, BC    V9L 4B4

Just click on the buttons below to begin loading the images.  Enjoy... and thank you for your interest.  : )


dragon catalogue link

classic catalogue link fantasy catalogue link
horse catalogue link wicca catalogue link knotwork catalogue link