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Manki is a 12 year old well-bred Quarter horse, that has been in the family since he was foaled.  

On his topline, he has Dandy Bar, Top Moon, Three Bars. His sire was an outstanding Quarterhorse with proven blood lines and all of the offspring were trained and excelled in barrel racing, penning, cutting and shows.   Manki is from champion blood lines on his Dam side too -  Three Bars, Bar Tender, Camp Town Boy and others that are outstanding.    

This Gelding was not registered, as we were not  registering geldings when he was foaled, and felt he had it all and didnít need to be registered.

Manki has an easy-going, laid-back and gentle disposition.  He was trained to be a riding horse, and was not used to do any penning, barrel racing, or shows.  He had been used on trail riding, and everyday riding, and takes things as they come.  He is now 12 years old and would not be a horse you would take and try to train for a special  work item, but just ride him and enjoy him.  He is sure footed, and gentle.  
Manki would make a nice horse for a young person with some riding experience, or a person that just likes to take a leisure ride in the hills, mountains, trails or where you enjoy riding.  He will stay with you and he ties and loads well. 

Manki's sire, Mr. Golark was a dark chestnut, with exceptional blood lines and gave his owner many foals that went on to be great barrel racing, cutting and riding horses.  When Manki was foaled and through his years in the family, we were not into anything but just good riding horses, and he gave us that.

Manki's dam,  Spears Goldie

The dam of Manki is Spears Goldie, (as you will see in pictures above), a Three Bar mare, with  exemplary bloodlines.  She was ridden only for pleasure, but came from a long line of exceptional working horses, and show horses.  She was a very nice brood mare, and gave us three great geldings.  She is out of a great thoroughbred AAA racing horse, and is just a good riding mare.   She still looks good and is a good keeper.  

Goldie is only about 14.2 hands, but Manki got his growth from his sire,  Mr. GoLark.  Goldie is a beautiful sorrel, and no longer used for a breeding mare.  She is resting and enjoying retirement, and still maintains Manki is her baby.


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