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Crystal's Cameo Princess is “Cameo” is a Sabino with striped  hooves,  black and white.  She has excellent bone structure, and a round body, rather than  long and narrow.  She gaits even now when in pasture.  She has a full large blaze,  four white legs above knees, and is roan and white in color with beautiful roan and flaxen mane and tail.  A real eye catcher.  Crystal's Cameo Princess will make riding a pleasure, whether with a saddle or bareback.    This little gal is something to love and use for that special rides you take in the mountains or on trails.  She has a sweet disposition, and loves people.     

A good home is a must.  She is very gentle loveable, and leads, loads, has had  saddle pad on back, and her feet have been played with.  This little girl is a knockout in personality, disposition, and coloring.  A filly that responds to the love and kindness she receives, and gives it back to you with her willingness to please you.  I suspect she will be like her dam, Merry's Crystal Dimples - just an exceptional horse, with a lot of kindness.

This picture was placed in the October Western Horseman all breed issued.  Both her dam, Merry's Crystal Dimples, and Cameo are Sabino roans.  They are beautiful to look at  and great to be around.  

Cameo is a joy to work with and returns your love.  She is not a spooky filly, very calm and easy to train.  Cameo is always right there to have a pet and be groomed.  She leads very well, and loves to load in the trailer.   Cameo gaits,  and shows quality from both her Dam and Sire and will make an outstanding horse for the horse lover,  who  just enjoys riding and playing with their horses.  
At this time Cameo will be selling for
$2,000, but after extensive training and being worked, she will increase in value.  She will make a great broodmare, with her disposition, conformation, and personality being traits she will pass on to her foals.

Please contact C.J.'s Walkers for more information.

See more of Crystal's Cameo Princess on the Training Page.

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