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Sadie's Chief Lady is an 8 month old, blue roan filly, with a star and a white mark on her nose.  She should reach 15 hands.

"Sadie" has the features of her sire, and has a natural gait.  She has black hooves, and strong legs and feet. She has been worked with for halter, leading, and loading in a two horse trailer, she loves attention, and comes to you for the tender touch and recognition.  Sadie will be a marvelous riding horse, with the smoothness and gaits, that will be transferred through her dam and sire.

She has been a delight to work with, as she is very ready and willing.  She will have the disposition of her dam “Rosie”  Blue’s Little Roan Lady, and the gait to go with it.  She resembles her sire, GLL’s Chief, and we expect her to color up to be a blue roan like her sire, who is also very gaited, and a great disposition.  Sadie loves attention, and lets you know she wants to please you.  She should grow to 15 hands, has good sturdy legs, straight on her hocks, and beautiful conformation.


Please contact C.J.'s Walkers for more information.

See more of Sadie's Chief  Lady on the Training Page.

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